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Alice (full title: Alice the wizard) is a Sky Wizard who was a evil slave to the trolls. Not much is known about her. Although some people think that she's related to either Finn or Fionna. She's mostly known for her artistic skills and abillities (such as flying). She also has a pet cat named Booboo.




Alice has long, blonde hair and usually wears alot of blue. Her regular outfit is a long, blue, hooded cape with a light blue jewel. The shadow of her cape doesn't show what she's wearing under. She also wears a headband with the same jewel as the one on her cape. She always has the jewel on any of her outfits, it may be a symbol of her religion. On other occansions she wears:

  • Fancy: Long, blue, strapless dress (jewel) with white shoes and hair waved with a white flower in her hair
  • Casual: Blue jacket (jewel), white skinny jeans and blue Converse. Sometimes with a cupcake beanie
  • PJs: Hair in ponytail (jewel), light blue sweats with any t-shirt (usually a white t-shirt with a cat on it)
  • Cold: Ear muffs or beanie, white shirt with blue vest (jewel), jeans and white boots
  • Hot: Blue sunglasses (jewel), light blue tanktop, white shorts, and blue sandals


Sometime during the mushroom war, Alice lived as human until she was mutated and gained her wizard powers. Giving her the power to survive it. Till then, she was stuck working as a slave for the trolls but soon became good and broke out from the trolls. After that, she now lives in the Cloud Kingdom with her cat Booboo.


Alice would be mostly descibed as a mysterious, but friendly personallity. Much like Marceline's personallity actually. She is funny and nice, but sometimes has some evil in her. This is possibly because she was a slave to the trolls long ago.

Abilities (So far atleast)Edit

Wind storm- Blows enemy far away with a touch of lightening

Air sheild- The name says it all (sheilds attack. duh)

Eagle's wing (cool name huh?)- Super duper ball of magical power that instantly injures the enemy when thrown. Wings of an eagle appear when the ball is thrown.

Lightening rush- Shocks enemy

Flying- Do I really need to say it?!?!

Relationships (Friends)Edit

Alice has ALOT of friends. Possibly everyone (except trolls, Lollipop King, and SCAM LEADER of course). She is even some-what friends with Ice King and Ice Queen, this is probably because she has some evil in her, to spy on them, or they're just too stupid/insane to be evil around her. All of the WWC's are her friends. She gets along with everyone mostly. She having so much friends is possibly because of being alive for so long (similar to how Marceline knows so much people).


  • She will appear in AT: The Wrath of Austin Belt
  • Her peach-colored skin and blonde hair mistakes other people for her being human
  • She has a brother named Breeze
  • Eventhough some people think that she's related to Finn (or Fionna) however she secretly has a crush on Finn, which could mean that she's not related to him
  • Alice is based on her creator (Alice the Wiz)
  • She has a magic pouch under her cape
  • It is still unknown who is going to voice her for the series or even the movie
    • She is going to be voiced by Violet Sole Closs Farley (who voices Penny) for the movie. And for the series is going to be Isabella Acres (who vioces young PB)
  • She is 13 years old but is actually 300 years old because in wizard years
  • She may have some sort of past with Lollipop King (as shown in Dreams of the Stalker Next Door)