• TheMagnificientMan

    Princess Bubblegum Swears In Susan Strong! 0:54 is where she swears..

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  • Ascension-la-Of-The-Dead


    February 26, 2012 by Ascension-la-Of-The-Dead

    I Really Want A Psvita I Can't Wait Till I Get One On My Birth Day

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  • Adventure King 1


    February 26, 2012 by Adventure King 1

    We Broadcast TV across Ooo/Aaa, and Lollipop King wants to be in it

    We Have a Prank War

    We Get a Pet Chimera (Animal Shape-Shifter), and the other Pets get jealous

    We all Get Sick During a Robot Attack

    Someone's Bottled Up Emotions Changes the Weather

    AK1 Loses Rob-0

    We get a New Neighbor.

    We try to get Lollipop King Out of The Wall Prison (30 mins.)

    Project X (Movie)

    We try to fix an Relationship between a Snow Golem & a Fire Elemetal and the group starts taking sides.

    The Group goes to school

    Inanimate Objects Come to Live

    We meat our Number #1 Fan

    We try to cure Box-Man's Odd Face Rash

    We infiltrate The Underground Mole Kingdom

    The Mole King Unleashes Demons, Ghost, and Zombies onto Ooo/Aaa

    We argue with a angry Snow Monster

    We have a Party

    One of us ge…

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