Marshall Lee
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Rock n' Roll

Full Title:

Marshall Lee the Vampire King







First appeared in:

Adveture Time with Fionna and Cake

Other Appearances:

WIP: Marshall Lee Animation AT:The Wraith of Austin Belt AT:Worlds Collide

Marshall Lee (full title Marshall Lee the Vampire King), is the gender-swapped version of Marceline, created by the original series designer, Natasha Allegri and featured in "Fionna and Cake." He is feared by Cake like Marceline was feared by Jake.


Marshall Lee has pointy ears and light blue skin at night-time. An alternate character sheet depicts him with green skin, but that is only his skin color at day-time.

His hair is shorter than Marceline's but he has a matching permanent bite mark. He initially wore a grey plaid shirt, but now wears a red and black plaid shirt. He also wears dark blue jeans, and brownish-white sneakers.

Though Marceline has circle-shaped eyes, his eyes are rectangular. Unlike Marceline's forked, snake-like tongue, Marshall Lee's tongue is rounded.


Necromancy:The ability to bring the dead back to life and controll death all-together

Pyrokinetic Powers:The ability to controll and create fire

Immense strength:The Ability to carry a limitless amount of weight no-matter how heavy

Floatation:The ability to float in the air

One-with-The-Earth:The ability to alter and create stone from the Earth's crust

Sun-reflection:A spell that Marshall Lee created to reflect the sunlight from his skin so that he won't burn


Marshall Lee is a wild rock star. Centuries of wandering the Land of Aaa have made him a fearless daredevil.





Ice King:

Princess Bubblegum:



Ice Queen:

Prince Gumball:


  • Marshall Lee has three different guitars:A purple Butterfly-bass,A Fender American Vintage 1957 Precision Bass,and his most used bass-the Axe-Bass
  • He and Marceline both could have regular electric bass guitars, as seen in the openings(Depending on if it was an electric bass guitar or just a guitar).
  • Rebecca Sugar said that she fought for Marshall Lee to have lines, but they were cut for time. She wanted him to be voiced by Dante Basco.
  • One of his speaking lines was going to be,"You're in a dress?! That's crazy, sonnn!"
  • Marshall Lee floats leaning backwards, back to the ground, and knees bent whereas Marceline floats, knee back, chin up, and leaning forwards.
  • Marshall lee had exactly 10-11 seconds on screen.
  • In an interview with Pendleton Ward, he stated that if there were another genderbent episode, it would mostly focus on Marshall Lee. In this same interview, Pen also officially addresses Marshall Lee as "Marshall Lee the Vampire King."
  • He has a crush on a backstabbier named SugarCubeUnicorn whos by the way,is NOT a unicorn! Although she is a HORRIBLE thing--he stiill crushes on her on the internet.
  • Mashal Lee is one of the only people to have five fingers shown all the time.
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