This is the second episode after the movie


There's a bandit on the loose and is stealing people's stuff!


  • Marcelina
  • AK1
  • Paris
  • Kati and Andy
  • Alice


We see Kati, Paris, and Alice all sitting around when they hear a loud scream

Paris: What the math was that?!

Alice: I don't know but, it sounded like it was coming from Marcelina over in the field.

Kati: Well, instead of sitting in here let's check it out!

The three of them run off to the field. Marcelina is sitting in a field with her eyes bigger than usual

Paris: What's going on?

Marcelina: My necklace, it's gone.

Alice: It's just a necklace.

Marcelina: That necklace is the only thing i have left after the mushroom cloud! Without, Im just that assassin girl. I'm, I'm… Me-mow. *sighs* I better go.

(Marcelina disappears)

Kati: what do you think happened to her necklace?

Paris: I don't know. But something inside me tells me this was more than missing jewelry...

All three: Hmmm...

(It's nighttime. At Andy and Kati's house)

Andy: Hey Kati what happened to you today? As soon as you walked, you had a puzzeling face the entire time.

Kati: Something is puzzling me, Marcelina lost her necklace yet, she is never seen without it. I don't think she lost it in fact i think it was-- where is it?

Andy: Where's what?

Kati: My curling iron! I know you have it now give it back!

Andy: What am I gonna with a female curling iron?

Kati: I don't know!!

Andy: If anything you stole my awesome hat!

Kati: I did not! Give me back my curling irons!!

Andy: Give me my hat!

(At AK1's house)

Ak1: "There was dude, he was cool that is me-" Where's my sunglasses!!!?? Ok, i didn't misplace them i know that so, either A) They disappeared or B) Someone stole them. I'm gonna go with B.

(At Paris's house)

Paris: Hmm. Something about a missing item reminds me of something..

(Paris screams)

Paris: My cat hat!! Where did i put it?! Where?! Without my cat hat, where else can i get animal hats!!?? NOOOOO--

(Soon at Alice's house)

Alice: Paris might be right I mean after all, Marcelina would never lose that necklace, she's to attach to it.

(Alice's eyes widen in shock)

Alice: Where is it!!!?? I left it right here on the dresser!! My gem, it's gone!! I have to tell the others!!!

(Alice sends out a ton of notes to everyone to meet her in the field.)

Alice (pacing back and forth): Ugh… Where are they? Where are they??

(Everyone soon appears)

Alice: Guys someone stole my gem!!

Kati: Someone stole my curling irons!

Andy: And my awesome hat!

Paris: My cat hat is gone!

AK1: Someone stole my awesome sunglasses!

(Everyone starts talking at once, till Marcelina whistles loudly. Everyone turns and look at her.

Marcelina: Look guys, we need to calm down. Are stuff is missing, and *gasp* i think i know who stole our stuff. I think it was the Door Lord.

AK1, Kati, Andy, Alice: The Door Lord!!

Andy: Marcelina can you transport us directly to the Door Lord entrance?

Marcelina: K.

(They all transport to the Door Lord entrance)

Alice: According to this sign we have to form a band.

Marcelina: We don't have that kind of time. Ghostly Will.

(Marcelina goes through the door, and opens it up on the inside)

AK1: Gives us our stuff back!

Door Lord: Hmph mhmp hmp.

Marcelina: He asked for this.

(Everyone attacks the Door Lord and ties him up)

Marcelina: Like I said, he asked for this.

Marcelina: My necklace.

AK1: My sunglasses!

Paris: My cat hats!

Alice: My blue gem!

Katie: My curling irons!

Andy: And my awesome hat!

Marcelina: Hmm... Hold on a sec, before we go. (Marcelina takes Door Lords belt) So he can never steal our stuff again ever.'

(Everyone is walking back to town)

Paris: Hey Marcelina.

Marcelina: Yes?

Paris: How where you able to do that ghost will thingy move back there?

Marcelina: Oh, it’s better you never know

Paris: I guess.